special moments frozen in time

Indoor Studio Session

Corcoran, MN | April 23rd, 2022

Let me capture the love and joy between you and your child(ren). We will spend our time in the studio snuggling, sharing stories, tickle fights and many smiles. Let's capture those sweet moments you never want to forget. They way their little arms reach all the way around your leg when they hide behind you, or the way their feet curl up when they snuggle into your lap. Please feel free to bring your child's favorite book or stuffed animal to make this experience as comfortable as possible.

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Grey Cloud Dunes

Cottage Grove, MN | April 24th, 2022

Capturing the moments as you explore nature together. Just picturing those little fingers grasping yours as you lead them down the path.. or the sweet baby snuggles as we overlook the bluffs. Keeping it playful with a game of ring-around-the-rosie or tickle fights are a sure way to induce those natural smiles while creating special memories with your littles.

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